Resources: Scouting


Bayes’ Theorem and Prospect Valuation, The Hardball Times
– Best Tools, Baseball America
Beyond Moneyball: Player Development, The Hardball Times
Beyond Moneyball: Player Development, part 2, The Hardball Times
Cracking the Scouting Code, Baseball Prospectus
Diary of a Wannabe Scout, Baseball America
– How I Became an MLB Scout, Ubersense Sports
Interview: Carlos Gomez, MLB Scout, The Hardball Times
Introducing the Beyond the Boxscore Prospect Ranking System, Beyond the Box Score
Introduction to Saber-Scouting, Beyond the Box Score
Minor League Q&A: Bill Gayton, Baseball Prospectus
Minor League Run Environments, The Hardball Times
PECOTA Takes on Prospects, Baseball Prospectus
Prospects Will Break Your Heart: The Notebook and the Lessons Learned, Baseball Prospectus
– Scout School, Day 1: Intro,
Scout School, Day 2: So You Wanna Be a Scout,
Scout School, Day 3: Evaluating Arm Action,
Scout School, Day 4: A Closer Look at Pitching,
Scout School, Day 5: Really Liking a Player,
Scout School, Day 6: A Game of Adjustments,
Scout School, Day 7: Refining Our Reports,
Scout School, Day 8: Reviewing the Report,
Scout School, Day 9: One More Trip,
Scouting FAQ, Baseball Examiner
Scouting the Debate, Baseball Prospectus
Scouting with Pitch f/x, Baseball Prospectus
Teaching Tools, Baseball Prospectus
– The Art of Scouting: How to Compile a Professional Scouting Report, Beyond the Box Score
– The Dumbing-Down of Scouting, Baseball Prospectus
– The Hidden Value of Prospects, The Hardball Times
The Importance of Instincts in Scouting, Baseball Prospectus
The Latin Talent Market, Baseball Prospectus
Tooling Around, Baseball Prospectus
Top Tools: Arm Strength, Baseball Prospectus
Top Tools: Glove, Baseball Prospectus
Top Tools: Hit/Power, Baseball Prospectus
Top Tools: Pitching, Baseball Prospectus
Top Tools: Speed, Baserunning, Makeup, Baseball Prospectus
When Translating College Statistics Is a Bad Idea, Baseball Prospectus
– When Translating College Statistics Is a Bad Idea, part 2, Baseball Prospectus


How to Scout First Basemen, Beyond the Box Score




Another Scouting Primer: How to Scout Pitchers, Beyond the Box Score
How Sure is a “Sure Thing”: Evaluating Prospect Evaluation, Baseball Prospectus
Is It Just Easier to Scout Pitching, FanGraphs
Making the Grade, Baseball Prospectus
Making the Grade, part 2, Baseball Prospectus
Pitchology 101, Baseball Prospectus


Baseball America Executive Database
– Baseball America Stats Player Finder
NCAA College Baseball Splits


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